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Vintage Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Hairstyle

Vintage wedding hairstyles will never go out of fashion because they are sophisticated and feminine. These eternal looks are popular among many celebrities and fashion icons. Inspired by the old Hollywood glamor, they will add a vintage feel to your wedding. You can use some retro accessories along with the hairdo, and even choose a vintage wedding theme. To this day, vintage wedding hairstyles form the 40′s and 50′s are some of the most sought after glamorous looks. These work for medium to long hair. They work for bridal looks but they are also the best prom hairstyles. It all depends on the way you wear them.

The hairstyle is a very important aspect of a bride’s look. If you choose a vintage hairstyle, make sure to also choose a hair color that goes with it. You can find a lot of natural looking hair color ideas on YourHairExperts.Com. This is one of our favorite hair advice websites as it features concise information and easy to follow advice. Once you pick the right hair color, you can try experimenting with the vintage hairstyles presented bellow.

Veronica Lake Curls

Veronica Lake Curls are some of the most suitable vintage wedding hairstyles. Veronica was a famous actress in the 40s, best known for her roles as the femme fatale. Everyone copied her pin curls and peek-a-boo bangs. This hairstyle is one of the most glamorous and recognizable, even today. To achieve it, you must create a wave pattern with a deep part and brush it out. The side part will create a mysterious peek-a-boo eye. To do the tight curls, use hot rollers or a curling iron. Then brush the curls with a comb and curl the ends of the hair under. Finish with some hairspray.

Victory Rolls

Victory rolls are great for vintage wedding hairstyles, as they are versatile and won’t go unnoticed. The look was won by women during the World War II. To create the curls, separate the top part of your hair and create two even sections. Wrap each section around your finger, roll upward and pin it in place. If you want to wear it half up and half down, keep the rest straight and only curl the ends upward. Add some hair accessories and try sporting some strong brows and bold red lipstick.

Faux Bob

After the remake of The Great Gatsby, bob styles became very popular. To show the world a Daisy Buchanan inspired hairstyle, create your own faux bob. Curl your hair with hot rollers or a curling iron and brush it with your fingers to create lose waves. Gather the hair into a loose ponytail and tuck it underneath. Pin it in place and finish the look with two perfectly curly tendrils that frame your face.

Finger waves

Finger waves were worn by Edith Crawley in the 20s. This is one of the boldest vintage wedding hairstyles ideas. To create them, run gel through your damp hair and comb it through. Make a deep side part and place bobby pins through the front of your hair to create S-like waves. Remove the pins after the hair is completely dry. If you have medium to long hair, pull the rest of the hair into a bun at the nape of your neck.

Vintage hairstyles are great choices for a bridal look. However, if you are a daring fashion victim, you could try these hairstyles on other occasions as well. With the proper makeup and the right dress these wedding hairstyles can turn into the best prom hairstyles. You can even wear these hairstyles at sophisticated gatherings or at fabulous parties. In order for this hairstyles to look good on you, they must be worn with a certain attitude. Once you master that attitude, you can wear these hairstyles at various events not just on your wedding day.


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