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Tips for choosing the right wedding suit

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion

If your big event is coming up, then you are probably looking for the perfect wedding suit. The market offers a wide selection of excellent wedding attires, but making a choice is not that easy. You even have the possibility of opting for men’s wedding suits for hire, if you want to save some money and not spend a fortune on a brand new tuxedo that you will probably not wear again. However, in order to look properly dressed for your big day, here are some things you need to consider before deciding on a particular suit:

Think about the theme of your wedding

First, you should spend some time thinking about the theme of your wedding. Is it a boho-chic event? Or perhaps a formal wedding at an elegant restaurant? Is the reception held outdoors or indoors? These are questions you need to answer before making any decisions regarding your wedding clothes. The way you dress should be appropriate for the theme of the event, so make sure not to overlook this aspect.


Colours and patterns are the next important aspect to consider. You should go with an option that looks good on you, but at the same time goes with the colours of the overall event. This means thinking about the colours of your bride’s bouquet, and making sure your tuxedo, shirt and accessories matches with the way the bride looks.


The time of year when the wedding will be held is also extremely relevant. You probably do not want to wear a thick fabric, such as wool, if you are having a summer wedding, because you will not feel comfortable at all. So make sure to go with a fabric that is suitable for the season.

Accessories matter

Last but not least, you should pay a attention to the way you accessorize your look. Regardless of how expensive or sophisticated a suit might be, without the right accessories, you will not look as flawless as you would wish. The right bowtie or vest can make a big difference.

You probably want to look your best on your wedding day, and this means choosing the right suit for you. Although the options are various, if you think these few aspects through, you will manage to make a suitable choice. Also, remember that in order to save some money, you should for with a rented tuxedo, which is the most convenient and affordable option you have.

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