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Three signs that ribbons are back in style

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion

Fashion is maybe one of the most dynamic domains. While some tendencies are extremely surprising, others seem to be brought back to life, as if they were never gone. This season, it seems that the second category is clearly dominated by the “pussy-bow blouse”, which has definitely had a renaissance. From ancient times, ribbons were used to embellish outfits and express femininity, until their decline triggered by the emancipation of women. During that period, the bow was worn as a sign of masculinity, but nowadays, it can be styled in so many ways, that you will be amazed by its versatility. In case you are still reluctant about this tendency, here are three clear signs that will show you how ribbons are back in style:

Famous designer’s collections brought the trend back

Each year, during autumn and spring, the fashion world gathers in the most important cities of the world, to exchange ideas and launch new tendencies. This year, fashion weeks have brought a lot of surprises, from the most innovative creations to astonishing comebacks, among which the most popular is the “pussy-bow blouse”. Designers such as Alessandro Michele (from house of Gucci) or Clare Waight Keller (the creator of Chloe collections) made this possible. The bow blouse will be the statement piece of the next warm season, bringing elegance to classic jeans and making tomboyish outfits more delicate.


Street style

The lines between street style and catwalk have become more and more blurry in the past years. This is mostly due to the fact that fashion is more permissive and stylish women all around the world have had the courage to stand out and make a statement with the clothes they are wearing every day. Apparently, lately, most international fashion bloggers have displayed pictures of them wearing an improvised bow, which clearly proves the legitimacy of ribbons’ comeback. If you are following their posts, you will see that the bows are not only extremely stylish, but also very elegant and ladylike.


It has been matched with almost anything

The versatility of this accessory is really incredible. Although it is known that ribbon is very easy to match and use in different combinations (as a jeweler, belt, bow tie wannabe and so on), at first glance, the new (and old) bow blouse seems to be less adaptable. This is not true, especially if you take a look on the collections mentioned above: it can be styles with ruffled skirts or pencil skirts, skinny jeans, blazers, sweaters and even with masculine pants.  It all depends on your personal style!


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