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Three clothing pieces that will help you obtain a neat masculine style

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Hairstyle

In fashion, each season brings something new and women all over the world strive to fill their wardrobe with the most fashionable items. However, not all the garments on the run-ways can be worn and you have to be able to choose the things that highlight your silhouette and match your personality. While some women prefer the delicate and feminine style, wearing flower prints, pastel colours or ruffled dresses, other prefer sporty or even masculine style, since it is more comfortable and makes them feel stronger. Wearing sexy clothes seems to be a feature of the current trends, and if you think out of the box you will discover that this style can be created with more than simple feminine pieces of clothing. Many public figures have made a statement wearing masculine items such as oversized blazers, pantsuits, singlets or bowties, and this proves that you can adopt this style not only on the street but also on official events. If you are innovative and courageous enough, you can create an amazing look, suitable to any occasion. Here are some of the best items you must have in your wardrobe, in case you want to wear a relaxed yet elegant outfit.

The bow tie

This accessory which used to be worn only by men is no longer such an exclusivist piece, and it can be matched with many attires. Whether you want a genuine masculine outfit and you wear it with a suit, or you only want to add an unusual accessory to your look, the bow tie is the perfect choice. In case you do not have such thing around your house, you can always feel free to improvise: use small printed ribbons or a narrow piece of material to create a loose bow around your neck. Do not limit your options and learn to see potential in everything: ribbons, for instance, can make the perfect accessory whether you are looking for a belt, a hair clip or even jewellery.

Oxford shoes

These have become very popular in the past years and are the best option if you want to bring an official air to your outfit. They are not only very comfortable (unlike heels) and work perfectly with jeans, trousers, skirts and suits, and are available in stores in various forms and colours. Pastel colours are an ideal choice especially for spring and summer, so do not hesitate and purchase these “must-have” elements immediately.


Seasons and trend change, but these pieces of clothing remain the central element of street style and not only. For a manly attire, you can borrow them from your boyfriend or your brother, because the bigger they are, the better the result. They can be matched with almost everything, from heels to sneakers and shirts to lacy blouses, so they are the perfect choice for a comfortable look, no matter the occasion.


Regardless what you decide to wear, remember that most of the times less is more and the main criterion to choose your clothes is your personality. Wear only the items that suit you best, be original and create your own style.

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