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Things to put on your bucket list

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion

Almost every young girl has a small bucket list where she puta the things that would make her have fun and enjoy life. However, we hope that you are one of these girls and that you will find this article interesting. But we also know that for checking the things on your bucket list, you need some money. The good news is that we managed to find some alternatives that may cost you less than you imagine. Here are some of our ides. Choose the ones that suit you best.  

Do your shopping from second-hand stores

It may sound difficult to believe, but one of the things that you should put on your bucket list is trying different looks. However, because of the fact that clothes may be very expensive sometimes, especially of you buy them from shopping centers, the best idea is to choose the items from second-hand stores.

Take your time and search for clothes that could help you look amazing. If you have not done this thing before, you can start with accessories such as hats, bags and jewelry. Then, you can dare for more and order dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses and whatever you think that may suit you. There are women who love thrift stores so much that they decide to buy, haine second hand en gros.

On the other hand, there are also girls who say that they do not like wasting their time by going from one shop to another. But, the great news is that now you have the chance to order things online. There are many shops that can deliver your clothes on time. Thus, try this thing and you will look amazing even in a 5 Euros dress.

Travel more

Travelling is usually one of the main things that you can put on your list. But, for doing that, you need to think about some small details such as which the perfect destination for you is, where you can find the perfect accommodation, when is the perfect moment for leaving and the list may continue. However, do not hesitate taking this decision for longer because the time is passing so fast and you may lose the perfect occasion. Just, wake up one day and jump on a train. Go to the mountains, go watching the sunset on a wild beach or do whatever makes you happy. Also, forget about fancy hotels that may cost you a fortune. The main idea is to visit and explore more of your destination, not to spend the time staring at the walls of an expensive hotel room.

Eat the types of food that you like

There are many girls who say that they have to take care of their silhouette. This a good thing, but it does not mean that they have to give up everything they like to eat. For example, there are some things that are both tasty and healthy. Try to take some cooking lessons and learn how to harmoniously combine the ingredients. Last but not least, allow yourself to have some “cheating meals” from time to time.

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