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The two A’s of customized shirts: awareness and advertising

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Hairstyle

Surely, you have heard of customized t-shirts. Quite frankly, it is impossible not to, given the high popularity level it currently enjoy. What you might not be aware of is that such fashion items can be used to accomplish certain marketing goals. Here are the two most important uses of printed shirts in the modern world.

Short history of printed t-shirts


Today, this fashion item enjoys a great deal of popularity and everyone is familiar with it. Even though dedicated companies like ShirtsHouse   can provide clients with t-shirts decorated with all sorts of messages or designs, things have not always been this way. In fact it took dedicated companies quite some time before developing the appropriate technology. Not many people know this, but the first printed t-shirt appears in the popular movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’, the 1939 version. In the 1960’s once Andy Warhol came to the scene, screen printing technology was developed, being used in the world of fashion. This represented a great step for printed shirts, which led to the design of dedicated printed machine. The year 1986 represents yet another important point in printed fashion. This is when silk printing became possible. Today, decorating clothes with designs or messages is simple, being performed by a great number of specialized companies. However, one cannot help from wondering what exactly makes this topic so popular.


Raising Awareness through fashion


The first important reason of using textile printing is to raise awareness. Most likely, you have noticed that the modern society is built on the idea of cause. There are marathons organized to raise awareness on an environmental problem, for instance. Thousands of T-shirts are printed with a related message, being later on spread among the public or used in all sorts of events like marathons. Also, printed t-shirt are used in all sorts of campaigns, from political races, in which such fashion items are used to support a candidate to protests, in which raising awareness is the intended goal. Thus, customized, printed t-shirts have the capacity to inform the public on a particular matter, on causes or social problems.


Fulfilling Advertising goals through printed shirts


Throughout time, printed t-shirts have certainly turned into real advertising tools. Smart messages always have a great effect on potential clients, especially if promotional shirts are smartly decorated. What entrepreneurs should understand is that advertising campaigns in which printed shirts are used can have a lot of success, as long as the item used draw the attention of the public. All ads need that catchy slogan. Collaborate with a dedicated agency, come up with the slogan and then print it on t-shirts. Then, distribute these fashion items to random individuals. You will see that this advertising strategy will have greater results than you thought possible. Advertising your business can be done through uniforms as well. Really all you need is to locate a dedicated partner, one that can help you advertise your services through printed shirts. Once you decided to try this strategy, you will understand why entrepreneurs in such a great number appreciate this tool.


Awareness and advertising are the two important A’s of customized shirts, two reasons for which textile printing companies are highly sought after by entrepreneurs and event organizers.

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