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The Outcome of Vanna White Plastic Surgery

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion, Skin Care

Although she is 57 years old, Vanna White still manages to maintain a great aspect, as all her appearances are highly appreciated by her large audience. She impresses with glamorous and fashionable dresses which flatter her body and add a modern touch to her image. Still, according to some Vanna White plastic surgery rumors, she uses many other tricks to achieve a fresh look. Based on many speculations, the TV personality decided to go under the knife to eliminate some of her aging signs, but giving the fact that she didn’t exaggerate with her operations, we can only congratulate her for her results.

Although cosmetic surgery is very trendy these days, it can lead to some painful results when it is overdone. Analyzing the outcome of the procedures suffered by Hollywood celebrities like Mikey Rourke, Meg Ryan, Tara Reid and Scott Thompson, we can notice that plastic interventions can also have some bad consequences. Therefore, we must appreciate the fact that Vanna White opted for subtle surgeries that were meant to eliminate her aging signs, and not change the aspect of her entire face.


Analyzing the way Vanna looked before and after having cosmetic procedures, we can see that she no longer has wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes, or at least they are not as obvious as they were before. That can only indicate the fact that the star opted for a facelift in order to achieve a smooth and tight skin. There are other Vanna White plastic surgery speculations according to which she also used Botox injections as a way to improve her aspect. Either way, the results are very natural, and that can only mean that Vanna was very cautious with her choices.

Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is used to change the shape of the nose and create a more refined structure. The outcome of Vanna White plastic surgery helped her obtain a sharper and narrower nose, but it also helped her boost her self-confidence and seld-esteem. Being satisfied with the way you look is very important when it comes to feeling great about yourself. Moreover, a good morale can improve your chances of success, as people who are optimistic manage to be more productive than people who don’t have a good opinion about themselves. Therefore, those who opt for cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be blamed for their choices as long as they keep it under control. Furthermore, there are celebrities who don’t know when to stop when it comes to plastic surgeries, and that can lead to many disappointments.

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