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The New Miley Cyrus Fashion Style Explained

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion

Either you love or hate her, Miley Cyrus is the new Lady Gaga, shocking the world with a scandalous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Since she was known as Hannah Montana back in 2011, the young star has undertaken a major transformation. The former Disney princess is now pop culture’s favorite rebel, her outfits always causing high amounts of publicity. But is the Miley Cyrus fashion style so shocking? We believe that Miley always was a rebel, but until now she just couldn’t afford to show it. Here are her biggest controversies over the years:

Vanity Fair Cover, June 2008

Miley was only 15 when she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair with her back fully exposed, wrapped only in a satin bedsheet. Another photo features her with Billy Ray Cyrus, her father. Although the Miley Cyrus Fashion Style was pretty innocent back then, the photoshoot even threatened the Hannah Montana franchise. Disney stated that only she can decide if she is going to continue to be a good girl, but if she violates the trust invested in her, she won’t be able to bet it back. No pressure there. Miley apologized and everything was forgotten.

Hacked phone, July 2008

After the Vanity Fair incident, Miley’s phone was hacked and some pictures featuring her soaking in the shower and bearing her midriff were released for the world to see. Even if the photos were intended for her boyfriend Nick Jonas, fans were outraged.

Mocking Asians, February 2009

All the feelings Miley has been holding back now reflect in her new fashion style. In 2009, she had to apologize for a photo where she seemed to be mocking Asians by pulling her eye-skin back. Imagine how you would feel if you had to apologize for making a goofy face.

Pole Dancing, August 2009

The 16-year-old star has a pole performance at the Teen Choice Awards in 2009. After the unfavorable reactions, Miley’s father stood up for her, saying that his daughter just likes entertaining people. Well the new Miley Cyrus fashion style has certainly made that clear.

Caged in 2010

After releasing the single Can’t Be Tamed, Miley stated that it shows a change of what people remember her for, but it’s not a change to her, and she is the same since she was 11 years old. Need we say more?

Salvia Scandal, 2010

In 2010, a video of Miley Cyrus allegedly taking a bong hit made headlines. The star said that the substance she was inhaling was actually salvia, a legal hallucinogen in California. She apologized for disappointing her fans and stated that she is disappointed in herself.

The Miley Cyrus Fashion Change, September 2012

In 2012 Miley Cyrus completely changed her fashion style when she chopped off her beautiful locks. Although this generated endless amounts of criticism, we believe that the star was just waiting for an occasion to show the world who she really is. She said that she is going to be different now and do what she wants. The VMA performance and Wrecking Ball video followed, proving that Miley Cyrus is tired of being caged.

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