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The most impressive celebrity dresses of all times

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion

Everybody loves celebrity. Everyone wants to know what famous people are up to, the events they are going to take part in and the clothes they are going to wear. Indeed, when it comes to fashion most individuals look at celebrity with great attention, some because are looking for things to judge, others to admire and learn. The reality is that throughout time, celebrities have demonstrated that fashion is more than passion, but a way of living. In the case of several famous famous women, style is natural. You might wonder how this is visible. Well, all that is required is to look at the outfit some of Hollywood’s most stylish characters decided to wear.

Throughout fashion history, several names have gained a reputation, becoming the pillars of the concept of style. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Jessica Parker, the stunning Cher and so on, all have had their contributions to the world of fashion. Taking part in events and of course in the their movies, these women have impressed the world and of course, fashion critiques through their stunning choices in terms of dresses. Here are some of iconic dresses that have encouraged fashion designers to show off their skills whenever the opportunity arises, because they might have a saved seat in the history of fashion. Some celebrities choose to be feminine. This is part of their style, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn are the ultimate representations of femininity and this is highly visible in all of their fashion choices, on and off screen. Grace Kelly’s wedding dress certainly had an impact upon the entire world, being regarded as one of the most impressive creations of al time. It is said that Kate Middleton’s dress was inspired from this particular item, so even after more than 50 years, the wedding dress of Grace Kelly is of some influence. Audrey Hepburn may have chosen simplicity for her big day, but on screen, her dresses were of a great complexity. In the lovely musical ‘ My fair lady’, Audrey Hepburn manages o win the hearts of fashion critiques and the audience by appearing in a long black and white dress, bearing large ribbons. No wonder, soon after women started using satin, organza or clearance ribbons on their outfits, in the hope of having the same effect as the well-known actress.


Not everyone is there to look feminine. There are Hollywood actresses, who like to shock the audience. Of course in most cases, this strategy does bring them a lot of popularity and the attention of fashion critiques. Take Cher for instance, who never had a problem wearing even some of the most complicated and outstanding outfits ever to be seen. Most likely, the dress she wore at 1987 Oscars has remained in the mind of all fashion enthusiasts out there. It is rather difficult to explain the ensemble in words, as only a picture would do it any justice. Sarah Jessica Parker is, in the opinion of many designers, the perfect blend between femininity and courage, as the outfits she tends to wear are always extravagant, without losing that touch of femininity. The best example would the dress worn in 2013 at the NYC Gal that came together with a crest. You need a bit of courage to carry out such an ensemble. The conclusion is simple. Fashion is made by those who treasure it with every rising occasion.

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