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The ins and (no) outs of mineral makeup

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Makeup

Using mineral makeup has more advantages that one can think of. Ordinary makeup is not the best solution if you suffer from skin problems or any other complexion issues that are only getting worse once you apply it. Women with sensitive skin should definitely use mineral makeup instead of normal makeup, simply because their complexion will no longer suffer as much damage – on the contrary – it might encounter some visible improvements. Once you try mineral makeup, you’ll want to completely reorganize your makeup collection.

A short overview

You might wonder what mineral makeup is in the very first place. Well, this type of makeup products consists of using powdered cosmetic which are obtained completely from natural ingredients which are called minerals. The following ingredients are the base of mineral makeup: zinc oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, silica, boron nitride, allantoin and many more. Yet, don’t trust each and every company out there that claims that their makeup products are mineral because they might be a scam and you’ll do more bad than good to your skin.

All of the ingredients used for mineral makeup are milled until the final result is obtained. For 100% natural products, the ingredient list should not contain parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes and perfumes. Unfortunately, many makeup companies these days are trying to sneak some of the non-natural items listed before simply because they change the texture, smell or colour of their products. To make the best choices in terms of mineral makeup, you definitely need to read the ingredients label carefully. Among the minerals that can badly affect your skin you can also find: ethylhexyl palmitate (a chemical substitute for silica), silk powder, kaolin clay and all other substances that have the term “paraben” next to them. Avoid anything that has any of these ingredients mentioned on the label.


  • Helps with your skin’s aspect – once you use mineral makeup and combine that with a precision pinsett for your eyebrows, you’ll have a complexion that’s worth millions; everyone will start asking about your skin and you’ll probably be eager to tell them what’s the secret
  • Mineral makeup offers sun protection – most products contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are offering protection against UV light
  • Mineral makeup is noncomedogenic, which means that it won’t block your pores at all; especially if you have a problem with acne and blackheads no matter what kind of regular makeup products you are using, try switching to mineral makeup and wait for the results
  • Powder helps minerals adhere to the skin – reducing the appearance of highly enlarged pores and fine wrinkles can be done without an aesthetical surgery nowadays, simply by using qualitative mineral makeup which will give a smooth, silky look to your complexion

It can be used for each type of skin, especially for sensitive skin – no matter what type of skin you have, mineral makeup will do the magic for you and you won’t be required to use any additional products to keep your skin hydrated enough

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