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The evolution of ribbon in terms of hairstyle

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Hairstyle

Fashion is such a complex field, that many people are not able to understand all its aspects and thus consider it a superficial domain. People all around the world are concerned about their looks, but that is not all that fashion is about. Combining pieces of clothing, accessorizing them in an appropriate manner and creating a personal style is more difficult than it seems. Trends change very fast, and each spring and autumn, when the new tendencies are launched by famous designers, fashion lovers look forward to update their knowledge and wardrobe according to the new “rules”. Hairstyle is also part of their concern, and suffers plenty of modifications according to trend changes: season, designer, haute couture or prêt-a-porter collections, these all have their own characteristics and play an important role in establishing hairstyle accessories. Plenty of these can be found at Colour Ribbons Ltd, and with such a generous offer, it will be impossible not to choose something.


Ribbon has been used as a fashion accessory since the Victorian times, not only to embellish clothes, but also as hair accessories. A famous element of this era is the hat, which would have never been so remarkable without its accessories, mainly large stripes of ribbon, tied under the jaw. When you speak about this particular outfit element, the first thing that comes to your mind is the huge, flower-patterned or feathered items, but these have been influenced by trends over the years, and eventually reached a modern style. Although nowadays ribbons may be considered a simple accessory, in those ancient times they also have an important significance: they used to symbolize femininity. Ribbons were applied on dresses, hats and also interleaved through hair strands. Even Victorian literature consists in considerable fragments describing feminine character’s attires, depicting of course the multiple manners in which ribbon could be worn. In addition to this, the element was also revealing the financial situation and social status of the women wearing it. Due to feminist movements, the clothes become more masculine, and the following centuries brought a period of decline for this material, which continued to be worn remotely.


Along history, many celebrities used the fabric as a hair accessory, and stars such as Alexa Chung or Charlize Theron showed up on public events wearing ribbon as the piece of resistance of their look, which strongly influenced fashion trends. A few years ago, a new fashion tendency was introduced by one of the main character of the series Gossip Girl, the famous Blair Waldorf. The first episodes in which she appeared wearing all sorts of ribbon-made headbands gave birth to a true movement in terms of accessorizing: the character not only dictated the style of girls on the Upper east Side, since she was a role model for her acquaintances, but also for all the young girls who watched the series on TV. The headband became Blair’s signature style, it gained popularity and become a stylistic feature of the whole generation. There are plenty of ways in which you can use this accessory, and with the varied offer there is on the market, you will for sure be able to find something suitable for any style and occasion.

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