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Ribbons can save your wedding flower arrangements

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion

Nothing can be more beautiful than an autumn wedding, all is painted in gold and orange and the road down the aisle is made of coloured leaves. If you are a romantic person you may choose to decorate your wedding reception in warm tones, picking yourself the flowers and materials for centrepieces and bouquets. If your budget is limited and you may want to save some money you should know that the easy way to do this is making the bouquets and arrangements by yourself. You may think that you are not a flower girl, and they will look horrible but do not worry, the best way to create a beautiful bouquet is by adding florist ribbons. You may wonder where it can be used, well here are some examples.

Ribbons at centrepieces

The centrepieces are an important element for your wedding, and if you are a romantic bride you may want to make them look effortless. The easiest way is to put your favourite flowers in a jar and wrap around it some coloured dove shape ribbon. And if your groom wants his touch to be seen on the wedding arrangements, pick some coloured bottles, put a rose in, wrap them with a sheer ribbon with fringed attachment and mix them with your flower jars.


Pew decorations

Heading to the aisle is the most important moment of your wedding. Make simple arrangements for the pew, by using hydrangeas. Tie the stems with ribbon and hang them on the chairs. Also you have as an option to make ribbon rosses or to replace the hydrangeas arrangements with tall vases alongside the road to the aisle. These vases can be accessorized with ribbon using the French twist technique.


Bridesmaids’ bouquet

Your bridesmaids have an important role in your wedding day, so you may want them to have beautiful bouquets. Decide on a colour, find some season flowers to match that colour, and finish them with cascading ribbons.


Backyard wedding arch

You may choose to marry in your backyard and use a wedding arch as a wedding altar. This time you will need some help from your groom, to arrange some tree branches in an arch shape. After that it is easy to add your favourite flowers by simply wrapping them around the arch with ribbon.


Either if you decide to make by yourself only the centrepieces or all the arrangements for your wedding, ribbon is your best friend, not only that is useful as a way to hang or wrap the flowers but it adds elegance on the whole arrangement.

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