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How to transform a daily dress into a party gown

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion

When you attend an important event and you have to wear required outfit, it is said that you can never fail with a little black dress. It is elegant, it can be easily to match with any type of shoes and jewellery and thus the success is granted. A simple dress can be worn as a daily attire with flat shoes and casual bags, or as a party gown, if accessorized correctly. If you do not have in your wardrobe an impressive dress, some simple tricks can help you transform a simple black dress into a chic outfit. The same dress can be worn for so many different occasions, if you know how to accessorize it and what to change when. Let your imagination fly and be creative, add various jewelleries, customised printed ribbons UK or even other pieces of clothing, and no one will notice the similarities between the dress you wear at the office and the one you had on the Christmas cocktail.

There are many ways in which you can accessorize a simple sleeveless dress, to make it suitable to multiple occasions. Add some extra layers, colours or sparking elements and an already used dress will look brand new, regardless the season. If you do not want to modify the dress, try to add another layer of clothing: this may be very useful if the party happens on night time, in an air conditioning space or in the cold season – New Year’s Eve, for example. Choose a contrastive colour, to catch the eye to the shrug instead of the dress itself. A bolero could also be the answer to your question, but make sure it is made from a light and soft fabric, unless you want to take it off as soon as you enter the venue. For a summer night event, a lacy scarf is the perfect accessory – it is light and elegant at the same time, and will make you feel very comfortable. In addition to this, if the event or atmosphere does not require an additional layer, try to wrap the dress up: use a smooth scarf of ribbon to create sort of a belt. This will not only highline your silhouette and the cut of the dress, but will also make it seem different from what you are normally wearing. Try a golden or silver belt or delicate chain, a wide piece of material or a huge bow made of ribbon. Remember that ribbon is a permissive fabric and you can use it in multiple ways: as a collar, instead of braces and even instead of a zipper, if the dress allows this.


Furthermore, statement jewelleries can change the whole aspect of a dress. A little black dress can become a unique piece if you add a huge shiny necklace or some big colourful earrings to complete the outfit. Statement pieces are extremely fashionable, and can be worn with almost anything, from jeans to party gowns. Match the hairstyle and makeup to the occasion, be creative and daring and you will rock that simple dress, without anybody noticing your efforts.

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