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How to Do Your Own Wedding Makeup

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Makeup

Your wedding day will be the most photographed day of your life, and that is why it is important to plan how you will do your wedding makeup. As you walk the aisle, have the first kiss and the first dance, all eyes will be on you. Although many people hire a makeup artist, not everyone can afford one. However, you can do your own wedding makeup at home. This article will help you go from makeup novice to knowledgeable in just minutes. However, if you are determined to do your own makeup, you should include it in your wedding checklist by month, because as the big event is approaching, you will find yourself more and more crowded and busy with details you wouldn’t even have imagined. If you note it on your wedding checklist several times however, you will have scheduled your practice sessions in advance, and will be able to remember them and make room whenever necessary.

Step 1- Gather supplies

Before you get started, gather your supplies. Besides foundation, you will also need mascara, liner, eye shadow primes, eye shadow, concealer, an eyeliner, bronzer (optional), blush, fix spray (optional) and powder. You wedding day is the one day when you don’t want to apply makeup with your fingers, so make sure you have some makeup brushes. You can buy all these products form a drug store, and although everybody has their own preference, there is little difference between over the counter and high end products.

Step 2 – Create a base for the wedding makeup

If you are using a primer, apply it first to all areas of your face and neck. After the primer has dried, apply foundation so you provide long lasting coverage. The foundation will also make your skin tones seem more even in pictures and will be a base for the wedding makeup. It is best of you use a professional product. You can apply the foundation with your fingers or with a sponge or brush, although your body heat will help it go on smoother. Apply some on your neck also. Apply some concealer under your eyes and on imperfections, but don’t cake it up.

Step 3 – Eye shadow

When it comes to eye makeup, aim for something more natural, like a better version of your everyday self, not something overpowering or dramatic. The most popular bridal eye makeup is the brown smoky eye that can be achieved using dark/medium brown, light brown, and taupe. A shimmery vanilla colored eye shadow can be used to accentuate the brow bone and a barely pink can be used as a base. If you choose color, just make sure it is not bright. Apply a light color first, then a medium color in the crease and the darkest color between the crease and the lashes.

Step 4 – Apply eyeliner

After the eye shadow, finish the look with eyeliner and mascara. However, wedding makeup only requires liner on the top lid. Extend it lightly into a slight wing pass the ending of the upper lid for a smoky eye effect. To create the illusion of a larger eye, apply white eyeliner to the lower waterline. Curl you lashes and put apply some mascara (a coat or two).

Step 5 – Blush

Use a large, fluffy brush to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and extend it diagonally upwards. If you don’t know where your apples are, smile. The mound-like part of your face is your apple. If you want to contour, apply bronzer under your cheek bones.

Step 6 – Finish your look

Define your brows with brow powder, gel or a pencil that is a bit lighter than your hair color. Set up the makeup with powder or a setting spray. Put some lipstick or lip-gloss, but don’t make the wedding makeup too dramatic with an intense color. Use light pink or peach shades will make your cheeks pop.

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