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How to Do Your Own Undercut Hairstyle

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Makeup

The undercut hairstyle has been going on for some time now, reminding us of those 1940s dapper looks. This haircut is great for both men and women, as it is ingenious and flattering to almost every face shape. The undercut hairstyle is achieved by shaving the sides and leaving the front longer. However, there are many versions, from super edgy to office appropriate and extravagant. You just have to find the right style for you. Nevertheless, don’t put too much thought into it as practically all types of undercut hairstyles are recommended by new fashion for men magazines.

The modern undercut hairstyle is basically a high bowl cut or a high and tight cut with a long top. This trend has become very popular lately and you can see it on many musicians and models, male or female. Even Josh Duhamel and David Beckham have been seen sporting an undercut. Even if most stylists never endorse home haircutting, they say that the undercut is easy to do. You can study some video tutorials first, and browse some of the websites that tackle subjects like the undercut hairstyle, such as www.mensfashionway.com, where you can get a better idea of the multiple styles of undercut hair styling.

The style we will present is meant to be worn with the hair on top back, similar to a pompadour. When it comes to new fashion for men, this haircut is always ranked in the top positions as its rebel look never goes out of style. This rebel look means that you must have significant length on the top of your head, an ideal three to five inches. If it’s shorter than 3 inches, it is better to wait for it to grow. In case you don’t want to go to the hairdresser for the initial undercut hairstyle, make sure you will be comfortable with a buzz cut if you make any mistakes. You will need a hand mirror, a good clipper, hair cutting scissors, a hair trimmer and clipper guards.

1. Mount the mirror on a wall, perpendicular to the vanity mirror so you can stand between them and see the back of your head. Stand with your back to your larger mirror and look through the smaller mirror.
2. Dampen your hair and part it on both sides on top, combing towards the center of the head until it is the same height on both sides. Usually the shaved part stops just past the round of the head, but you can do it as you like. If the shaved part is higher it will look like a mohawk.
3. Make a part at the back of your head at the same height or below the side part a bit, ideally below the crown. Comb the hair forward and make sure the top is parted in a neat horseshoe shape. Apply some clips to keep it in place.
4. Shave the back and sides below the parted section. Make it as long as you want with the clipper guard size. No guard will leave stubble, number one 1/8 inch of hair and number two 1/4 inch of hair. Start at the top and clip front and back and go over it as many times as necessary.
5. Release the hair in the back and if it hangs too much over the shaved part cut it across and round the back. Ask someone to assist you if you have difficulty seeing the back in the mirror.
6. Use your trimmer to shave your neck and trim the sideburns. Make sure you hold the trimmer with the teeth of the blade pointing straight at your skin so you get a clean line. If you hold it flat against your skin with the bottom of the blade you will shave everything underneath the line.

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