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How to Do Hard Candy Makeup

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Makeup

In the history of cosmetics, hard candy makeup got a reputation for looking tawdry. Maybe it’s because some women embraced this style too enthusiastically, or because the formulas used were chalky. However, hard candy makeup does not deserve this bad reputation, as bold shadows, lipsticks and blushes are incredibly flattering and wearable if you know how to apply them. Adding a pop of color to your face will get a reaction from people and you will seem brighter, fresher and well-rested. This is how you pull off the look:

Step 1 – Prepare

You must start the hard candy makeup very clean, so the products won’t mix with last night’s makeup and look clumpy. To look fresh, clean your face and moisturize. Apply a face primer to avoid being bright and shiny throughout the day. Next, put on a base makeup and apply a fine powder. If you have dark circles, liquid concealer formulas work best, especially those with reflective pigments that give luminous coverage. Makeup artists recommend applying the foundation first to blend the concealer better.

Step 2 – Highlight

Highlighters contain ultrafine shimmer particles that can be used to create age¬less radiance around the eye. The best products are those in muted shades of gold, camel and champagne. Avoid pink that can accentuate red tones. Just add some highlighter below the arches of your brows and at the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 3 – Apply eye shadow

For a hard candy makeup inspired by peacocks you can use a bright luxe blue eye shadow. Apply some pale pink on the lid up to the brow and the bright blue up to the crease and outward. Use a purple shadow on the outside, in crease and blend it along your top lash lines. Add a pale green line under your eyes with a pencil or eye shadow, and then black liquid eyeliner on the top lids. To make the hard candy makeup more mysterious, add a slightly-upturned wing at the end. You can use any color you want, from a bright blue or green shadow or liner to a more notorious pink or yellow, as long as the makeup is more watercolor than oil paint.

Step 4 – Lips

For the lips, try a bright poppy pink or hot fuchsia. It’s one of the bold colors that looks good on anyone. However, many fuchsia lipsticks tend to have blue shades, making them look too pink on skin with yellow undertones, so make sure you choose a quality lipstick.

Step 5 – Blush

Because natural blushes disappear as you blend them, choose a shade that looks bright in the compact. Apricot complements most skin complexions, as it is a mix of warm yellow undertones and cool pink. However, the hard candy makeup doesn’t need additional sparkle, so stay away from shimmer.

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