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How to deal with rhinoplasty postop bruises

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Makeup


You decided to get a rhinoplasty because you wanted to change your look and improve your self-esteem. So you spent a lot of time in doing research, to make sure that you work with the best from the industry, and the result will be the one you want. The final result should lead to a more desirable appearance, and higher-self-esteem, but once you arrived home, you noticed the ugly bruises on your face, and you are not satisfied with your look. You should not worry, because it is something normal, your face to be swelled during the healing period. Because specialists are aware of the post-op surgery effects, they developed different procedures to help you look natural and hide your bruises. The visible phase of recovering should not last more than a month, but during this period, you have to take some measure to hide from people that you had a rhinoplasty.

When to use makeup artistry techniques?

If you want to combat puffiness and discoloration, then you will have to use different cosmetics. You should talk with your doctor to ask them when you can start using cosmetics, because they are the right specialists to help you with this information. It is advisable to use products that are labelled as natural, organic and especially designed for sensitive skin. In this way, you will help the skin from your recently modified areas stay healthy.

Swelling can be counteracted with contouring

You will find the extra volume of your face unappealing, and you will look for ways to regain the attractive appearance of your face. You can ask your doctor from http://centreforsurgery.com/ to prescribe you medication and icing methods for swelling, but you can also use make-up to aid your appearance. You can add depth to your face with the help of dark and light shades from cosmetic contouring kits. If you use cosmetic products regularly, you may probably be familiar with highlighters and bronzers and you know how to use them to shape your face. For more tips, you should check online guides on how to contour your face.

Correct the colour

The immediate effect of the surgery is that the blood vessels below your skin are disrupted and you will experience bruising. You may notice local under eye discoloration and during the recovery period, you may also see that your bruises spread throughout your face, and not only close to your nose. During the healing period, the bruises will change their colour and the areas that at the beginning are red, will slowly transform into pink ones. In addition, you will have to deal with blue and purple spots under your eyes. You can counteract these effects with the help of coloured concealers; you only have to check the colour wheel to see what shades to use to cancel out the unwanted hues. You should use green correctors to neutralise the red discoloration, and yellow concealer for the purple and blue tones. And for the end stage of the bruising, you should use skin tone coloured concealer. After you apply the concealer, you can apply foundation on its top.


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