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How to choose the perfect tattoo design

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion


Modern culture has almost entirely accepted the idea of inking your skin permanently without judging or making assumptions regarding the alteration of your appearance. In contrast to the ancient times when people used this form of art to render certain beliefs and to observe traditions, society nowadays uses tattoos in order to express individuality. Even though you might see at some point two or more people having the same piece inked on a part of their body you do not have to jump to the conclusion that the meaning behind them is identical. People have different experiences in their lifetime that result in different significant moments shared with family, friends or even strangers. For this reason in particular, the story of each tattoo is unique and interesting and represents a way of self-expression. Check cool design that will help you stand out.

A great way to boost your confidence

Therefore, we have established that tattoos have a significant meaning behind their creation, but this is not the case for everyone. Some people are simply attracted by this type of art, which can be rendered in various designs, colors and sizes, or they believe that enhances their beauty and appeal. They will probably go for a tattoo in a visible area, with a great impact that will definitely help boost their strength, confidence and self-esteem. The possibilities are endless when it comes to tattooing, which means they will have a hard time deciding on a specific type of design.

Simple or intricate – what do you prefer?

You definitely need to make some thorough research before arriving to the tattoo parlor and discussing with the artist about the area chosen for your tattoo, the required technique, the healing process and the aftercare. Search websites and view tattoos galleries and models for inspiration then bring your personality to life through a piece of art that represents you as a human being. Basically, there are two major types of tattoos: simple and intricate. A simple or minimalist piece will give you a hint of mystery and elegance while an intricate or complex tattoo will definitely draw the attention and become a topic of conversation. Lately, white tattoos have stormed the tattoo communities becoming a trend, but it is very difficult even for the most skilled tattoo artist to transfer the white ink on the skin.  Therefore, choose your tattoo according to your preferences and the type of impact you want to have on people.

Personalize it and tell me your story!

Whether you intend to commemorate a special person or a memorable event in your life or just to differentiate yourself from other tattooed individuals, personalized tattoos are the perfect option. Because you will invest a considerable amount of energy, creativity, time and money for this type of tattoo, you need to communicate with the artist throughout the whole process in order to get the much-desired style and to obtain a precise rendition. At the end, you need to be satisfied with the result and the piece needs to match your individuality entirely. Show it to your friends and family and enjoy the reactions.



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