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How to Apply Goth Makeup

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Makeup

The Goth culture is heavy in appearance, from the hair, accessories, colors and clothes. Besides completing the look, the goth makeup allows you to express you personality and true nature. If you’re a goth, you can choose a harsh, dark makeup or a softer version that is more popular. This is how you apply goth makeup:

Step 1 – Prepare your face

A few minutes before applying the goth makeup, wash and dry your face. Oily skin will make the makeup look greasy clogging your pores and causing an outbreak. That is why it is very important to take it off before you go to sleep. Next, drape your shoulders with a towel to protect your clothing and apply some baby powder. Because it is transparent, it will give you a pale look without looking plastic. You can also apply some on your arms, cleavage and neck. Be careful not to overdo it.

Step 2 – Line your eyes

A goth makeup is not complete without heavily lined eyes. Apply some black eyeliner around your bottom lid, below or inside the bottom lashes. If you apply it only to the bottom lid, your eyes will look smaller, so line your upper lid also. If you have sensitive eyes, stay outside the lash line to prevent runny, itchy and irritated eyes. Other mainstream Goth makeup styles includes Egyptian loos, The Crow look and Dawn’s three tears. Use your imagination, but have a few wet Q-tips ready to use like precision erasers. Don’t close and open your eyes until the liner dries. If you are using an eyeliner pencil, buy a separate pencil sharpener so you avoid eye problems.

Step 3 – Apply eye shadow

The easiest eye shadow to work with is pressed powder. Just dip or smudge the brush into the powder and blow the excess off so you avoid fallout. Creams are greasy and smear very easily, so it is best that you use a black pressed powder eye shadow. You can also use other shades, such as dark blue or gray. To bring out more drama, add some black mascara in several coats.

Step 4 – Lips

Black and blood red lips are the most common colors used for goth makeup. However, you can try purple, blue, green or anything that matches your outfit. If you are wearing a lot of eye shadow, down play with the lipstick. It is better if you emphasize only one feature. In winter when you have chapped lips, do not bite them and apply some lip balm under the lipstick to keep them soft.

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