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How to Apply Fantasy Makeup

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Makeup

If you want to be a video game hero, a fairy or a masquerade beauty, then you must learn how to apply fantasy makeup. Exotic color schemes and exaggerated eyes are the most important part of a costume. Fantasy makeup ranges from dramatic eye makeup to completely painted faces in beautiful colors. There are no limits to subject matter or variety, as it can entail any theme. Even it may not seem so, fantasy makeup is not that complex, so anyone can put on some color to create a look for a costume party of Halloween. If you are looking for best friend Halloween costumes, why don’t you and your friend dress up like fairies. Not only will you look amazing, but you will also have a great time putting on the makeup. This article will help you create a style of your own:

What you need

• Foundation sponge or brush
• Mineral, cream or liquid foundation
• Eye shadow colors
• Fake fantasy eyelashes
• Brushes


1. Use the sponge to apply foundation on your face, eyes and neck. For powdered foundation, use a brush. Makeup artists advise that instead of applying one thick layer, it is best to apply several thinner layers.
2. Brush some white eye shadow from your cheekbones to the lower lashes and from the top lashes to the brow to create the illusion of enormous eyes. This illusion will be very useful, especially if you want to impersonate characters with unnaturally large eyes, such as Anime and Manga. Apply the fantasy lashes or just some glittery mascara to your natural lashes.
3. Use a variety of eye shadow to make a mask. Apply deeper colors on your eyelids. To create a butterfly-wing effect, apply brightly colored eye shadow in a V shape to the outer areas of your eyes. To deepen the color, wet the brush before dipping it in the eye shadow.
4. For a perfect fantasy makeup, use a makeup pencil to outline the areas to be colored. For example, use black, brown and white pencils to draw curved lines for feathers, cat eyes or butterfly wings. Line your eyes if the look requires it.
5. Apply some rouge, pink or mauve blush on your cheeks. Make sure you darken the blush towards the cheeks. Because the eyes are the centerpiece of a fantasy makeup, don’t highlight your cheeks too much.
6. Finish the fantasy makeup with some lipstick in dark tones, deep purples, bright pink or something completely different from your everyday style. Neon color will surely draw attention; just pick one that matches your outfit. If the makeup will be part of your best friend halloween costumes, try to match some elements with your friend such as the color of your lipstick. For a fantasy effect, paint the edges of your lips darker and apply a lighter color on the inside.

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