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How to Apply Arabic Makeup

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Makeup

Any girl who is enthusiastic about her makeup should know how to do Arabic makeup. The smoldering kohl liner, beautiful color palette and feline shape evoke a sense of mystery and sensuality. However, the key to a perfect Arabic makeup is clean lines, so make sure you use sharp angled tools. If you are not familiar with this type of makeup, apply the eye makeup first so you can correct any messy edges and fallout. Another good idea is to apply some translucent powder under your eyes, so the fallout will be caught within it and you can dust it away. You can use any vibrant color you like to create a colorful Arabian look, but if you prefer a softer approach, skip the fake lashes and use an diy eyelash growth serum in order to obtain natural rich lashes.

Step 1 – Apply Foundation

Before applying your Arabic makeup, you should put some foundation on. The foundation creates an even palette and optimizes your eye makeup. However, if you are a beginner, apply the foundation after you apply the eye shadow, so the fallout won’t ruin it. Use a darker foundation than your skin color if you are working with bold colors. You can also use a bronzer to make your skin glow.

Step 2 – Apply eye shadow base

To make sure your Arabic makeup retains the vivid colors, apply an eye shadow base. A cream concealer should work just fine, but it is better if you have some Paint Pots. Use your finger to apply the base.

Step 3- Apply eye shadow

In order to create the Arabic makeup, you will have to use at least two shades. Choose a dark-toned shadow and a medium-toned shadow. If you want a softer approach, use a light-colored shadow to highlight your brow bone and the medium shadow on your eyelid. Contour with the darker color in the crease of your eye and blend them together until there are no visible harsh lines.

Step 4- Line your eyes

After you apply the eye shadow, use a black pencil or a gel eyeliner to line your upper and lower lid. In order to create a smoky look, use a smudge brush to tone down the eyeliner. Smudge it until it appears smoky and if you feel like you’ve overdone it, just add some more eyeliner. Complete the look by applying a generous coat of mascara and some fake eyelashes. If you want a softer approach, skip the eyelashes. Or better yet, try a diy eyelash growth serum for a while and give your lashes a natural thickness. If you can’t afford the best lash growth serum, you can also make your own at home. The results will take longer to show but in the long run, it will be worth it.

Step 5- Apply lipstick

The lipstick is the final touch of the Arabic makeup. You can use a burnt red or a brownish lipstick, or just stick with warm tones.

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