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How do fashion designers use ribbon?

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Hairstyle

Ribbon is one of the oldest materials in existence, its uses in fashion dating as far back as the Middle Ages. With such a long history, one would expect ribbon to become obsolete and outdated, but if fashion has taught us anything is that the classics always come back, especially if they are versatile. And ribbon is definitely versatile, as it can be incorporated in countless looks and matched to a diversity of situations. You may not have seen it coming, but ribbon has been present, under one form or another, on fashion shows in the past couple of years and it seems to be more popular than ever. Now is the time to get inspiration from fashion designers and incorporate ribbon into your daily outfits. Start by looking for fabric ribbon wholesale online and you’ll be surprised to see what you can do with just a few metres.

Oscar de la Renta’s elegant ponytails

Oscar de la Renta’s fashion show in autumn 2015 was dominated by one recurring theme: the delicate ribbon used as an accessory for ponytails. As an addition to long, elegant gowns and classic makeup looks, the hair ribbon adds a touch of sophistication. Although it is not a major accessory, it makes a statement and defines the image of the Oscar de la Renta woman: classy, effortlessly beautiful, glamorous without trying too hard. You can recreate this look yourself, just by tying your hair with a long strand of satin ribbon.


Giant hair bows by Moschino


If you’re the kind of girl that wears basic outfits and counts on accessories for the wow factor, then you’ll love the way Moschino accessorises using giant hair bows. This might not a look to go for at work or during the day, but if you’re looking for something unique for a night out, then this trend is for you. One word of caution though, keep your clothes simple if you’re going for this accessory and keep just one point of interest.


Waist bows by Burberry


This is the easiest trend to re-create and yet is looks the most sophisticated. For their last fashion shows, Burberry designers have been replacing the classic waist belt with a wide bow. They mostly use tulle for this, but if you don’t like it, you can choose any other material, including satin or organza. By doing this, not only will your outfit stand out, but you’ll also wake your waist appear smaller and add a touch of elegance even to the most basic outfit.

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