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Get Rapunzel locks for this winter season

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Hairstyle

The present trend in hairstyles is the short cut, but you should try it only if you look amazing with short hair. If you do not like how it complements your face shape, you should forget this idea. However, if you wanted to get the latest trend and tried a bob, you should know that you can have long hair again by getting hair extensions Ottawa.  It will prove to be a real love affair and you will adore every aspect of having a Rapunzel look.

What you should know before going to the hair saloon

You should be aware that getting the Rapunzel look could damage your hair if it is not done properly, because if you do not go to a certified extensionist to make the attachment and removal of extensions, the risk of damage will be increased. You can enjoy of long locks from 2 to 6 months, depending on the system you will choose to use. Because your hair grows, the extensions will get looser and you should have them retightened or removed when you see that their state is deteriorated. There are two main ways in which extensions are attached to your hair, by glue or non-glue bond based attachments. Before trying the glue technique, you should talk with your stylist to see what type of glue he uses for this method. He can use either keratin or tape, and the process of fusion between extensions and your hair can be done either in a cold or hot way. If you do not want any type of glue in your hair, you should try the non-glue technique. It can be done by using different types of beads and while this process is done your hair is pulled through a cylinder that secures your hair.

Types of hair extensions

The most popular method seems to be the clip-in, because it makes easy to apply and remove extensions. You can use the extensions when you want and you can remove them by yourself before bedtime. It can be the quick way to achieve the Rapunzel look only when you want. If you have time, you can try the strand by strand technique. Small stands of extensions will be attached to your hair and if the stylist does this properly it will blend with your natural look. It is not the best option if you have thin hair, so you may want to try the weft hair extension. This technique uses a curtain of hair that is attached to the top of your hair and it flows at the bottom. The best way to see what technique is appropriate for your hair type is to ask a hairstylist, and enjoy having beautiful long locks this winter.


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