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Get expert advice on how to apply make-up

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Makeup

If you are passionate about fashion, beauty and make-up, the best thing you can do to take your hobby to another level is to attend some professional make-up lessons. These are a great way to learn and get hands-on experience on what you like, so that you can apply your knowledge not only on yourself, but also on others. You may think that being able to do a great make-up is pure talent; you will see that theoretical knowledge is equally important. Moreover, after each lesson, you will be given a face plan, to see who the work developed, which products were used and where. Whether you are doing it just for leisure or you are thinking about becoming a pro, these makeup lessons Ottawa are definitely worth it. The prices are very affordable, and each class lasts no more than 2 hours, so that your normal schedule will not suffer major modifications.

What can you learn?

To begin with, an experienced make-up artist will go through your belongings, explain you which are the most suitable products for you (in terms of shades, texture etc), and let you know if you have been doing well so far. Once you know exactly which products are the best, you will start with the most basic pieces of information, during an introduction class. You will discover that although you though that you already know some stuff, there is always room for more. From applying the foundation, to refreshing a make-up or to adapting a normal style to suit an elegant occasion with the minimum time and effort, all these will be explained by a professional artist. In addition to this, you will also find out a series of tips and tricks experienced stylists use, in order to make the results last longer. The workshops are extremely interactive, the trainers are very friendly and open to suggestions, so you will always be encouraged to ask questions and come up with new ideas.


Why do you need professional lessons?

Professional lessons are not necessarily for those who want to start a career as a makeup artist. If you are curious, passionate about beauty and style and you want to discover new grounds, then this is the perfect development opportunity. You will learn a number of things few people know and create a network of contacts, which will prove to be very useful. Moreover, if you attend proficiency classes, you can even get a diploma that will help you a lot in the future, if you decide to practice makeup as a pro.

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