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Cool Shoes of the 90s We Miss

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Shoes

The 90’s was the decade of crazy sneakers and colorful cool shoes. From the Nike air to the platform sneakers, a significant number of shoes hit shelves that decade. Some of them we used to wear when we were younger, or our parents did. Inspired by famous pop stars or designed for sports use, these cool shoes will make you miss the 90s:

Nike Air Max 180

The Nike Air Max 180 were released in 1991 and are considered a Tinker Hatfield classic. These cool shoes have maximum heel cushioning, lightweight upper and a design that looks fast even when standing still. Moreover, the company made the Air unit visible from 180 degrees, about 50% more visible than on other Air shoes. Another aspect that we loved: the flying colors.


Sketcher used to be one of the coolest shoes ever, and now they are just Kim Kardashian’s pushing Step Up’s. Who could forget the great ads, including the ones with old-school versions of celebrities like ChristinaAguilera.

Airwalk Jim

The Airwalk Jim was released in 1993 and got a lot of love from skaters and people who wanted something casual. Airwalk usually doesn’t go for mainstream like Adidas, Nike and Reebok, and that is why it had a unique fuzzy design that resembled a tennis ball. The model returned in 2008, when Alfie and Reebok teamed up, stating that they want to redefine the tennis shoe by hybridizing it with a tennis ball. Been there, done that, no points for originality.

Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers were some cook shoes back in the 90s, and they seem to be making a comeback today. Baby Spice is one of the celebs who made platform sneakers a must-have among girls. She wore them everywhere, looking trendy and taller.


Heelys were the rebel sneakers of our childhood. These cool shoes made it possible for kids to be walking around, and then casually gliding across the floor. They were fun and every kid had one – some schools even banned them.

Doc Marten

Even if Doc Martens are still worn today, back in the 90s they were a hit. People were rarely seen without them, and because they came in many colors, you could wear them with any outfit. However, the bright colors are our favorites.

Reebok Pumps

The Reebok Pumps were worn by everyone because they gave you a custom fitting with just a few pumps. Major athletes had these great sneakers, including Dee Brown, Michael Chang and Dominique Wilkins. They were the first shoes to have an inflation mechanism that could regulate the cushion.

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