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Classy Halloween Costume Ideas

Written by Kristin Coleman. Posted in Fashion

Halloween isn’t all about scary costumes and dressing like witches, zombies or skeletons. If you are not a fan of the spooky costume ideas, you can always try a classy outfit inspired by celebrities or characters who have style and elegance. For those of you who want to shine at a Halloween party, here are the best Halloween costume ideas for classy ladies:

Pilot and stewardess

If you had a dream of becoming a plane pilot or a stewardess, but it never came true, Halloween is the perfect occasion for you to wear such a uniform. Both men and women can find elegant Halloween costumes that make them look like a stylish pilot and a beautiful flight attendant.

Greek goddess

This costume makes you think about Aphrodite and her irresistible charm. The delicate white dress decorated with golden details and draped sleeves embraces your body curves and makes you look very feminine. Arrange your hair in a stylish up-do and accessorize it with a precious golden crown for a genuine goddess look.

Maid Marian

The beautiful woman who stole the heart of Robin Hood can also be an option for a classy Halloween costume. This delicate long dress made of a light blue velvet with ruffled sleeves and a square neckline features a dazzling damask pattern on the puffed sleeves and on the bodice. It comes with an attached belt and arm gauntlets in a stunning maroon and the delicate headpiece with organza veil is the ultimate elegant touch.

Marilyn Monroe

When you think about class, it is impossible not to think about Marilyn Monroe and her overflowing elegance. The style icon has made a statement when she wore that airy white dress with a deep cleavage that complemented her body curves. This Marilyn Monroe costume features a white dress and a blonde wig arranged the way the actress used to wear her hair. The sex-appeal and the attitude don’t come in the package.

A flapper girl

This type of outfit is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for true fashionistas, as the flapper dress is by far one of the most important types of dresses in fashion’s history. The flapper girl was the definition of class back in the 1920s, as she was bold, elegant and sexy at the same time. You can choose to be one for Halloween and it won’t be hard to achieve the look. You will need a vintage fringe dress and some accessories like layers of pearls, a headpiece decorated with feathers or a brooch and a stylish port-cigarette. Opt for a pair of elegant low-heeled shoes so you will be able to dance all night long.

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