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Being fashionable on a budget with ribbon

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion

Being a fashion addict can be quite the challenge when you are on a budget. Because you probably want to wear different outfits every day, when you cannot afford shopping for new clothes on a regular basis, you will have to come up with other solutions. Well, accessorising your outfits is a great way to make your fashions sense noticed, and that does not mean you have to wear expensive accessories, just the right elements in an appealing way. One item that can be easily used as an outfit beautifying tool is ribbon. Considering how many wholesale ribbons UK you can find on the market, investing in some ribbon supplies will not be at all expensive. Here are a few ways you can be fashionable on a budget with the help of ribbon:

Ribbon accessorised sandals

Combine that gladiator effect with a glam aesthetic by accessorising a pair of gold sandals with ribbon. This option is perfect for a summer day look. Tie the piece of ribbon onto your sandals and around your legs from the ankle up, for as high as you think works best for you. Wear this type of sandal look with a white, loose dress, or a pair of shirts and a plain tee, it works great with any monochromatic outfit. The effect created will be a lovely one.

Ribbon geometrical patterns

If you have some basic sewing skills, you can customise any item of clothing in unique ways just by using ribbons. One example is creating some colourful geometrical patterns on a simple black t-shirt or perhaps a little black dress. Choose two or three ribbon colours and sew tem onto the fabric creating a geometrical pattern. The colourful and satin touch of the ribbon will go wonderful with the basic appearance of the black fabric.

Ribbon suspenders

You can even use these decorative elements as a chic and colourful alternative to classic suspenders. You can either sew two straps of ribbon on the front of a t-shirt, and just create the illusion of actual suspenders, or you can use your DIY skills and simply replace the elastic of an old pair of suspenders you might have around your home with two pieces of grosgrain ribbon. However, because the ribbon fabric is not an elastic one, you will have to choose the perfect length, when you are cutting the ribbon straps, in order for the suspenders to be neither too loose for you, nor too tight to fit. Your ribbon suspenders can be worn with either high waist pants or a skirt.

You can make the most out of the clothing items you already have in your closet, just by accessorising them in an unconventional way. Even if you might not have ever thought about it, ribbon can actually make a great fashion element or your outfits, being several ways in which you can use this item to beautify your attire. The ideas mentioned above are only a few of the many you can use, and the internet stands at your disposal with further inspiration.

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