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Are Red Hairstyles for You

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Hairstyle

Although we love red hairstyles, the truth is that they are not for everyone. If you are thinking about going red, there are some things you must consider, such as your skin tone, the condition of your hair and your mental state. A lot of women think that red shades are the perfect hair color ideas for brunettes. However, the natural hair color has nothing to do with this choice. What truly matters is the skin tone. Moreover, you must choose a color that emphasizes your features. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you decide and choose a no-fail strategy:

Pink skin

Although there are many red hairstyles out there, colorists advice that women with pinkish or cool skin pull it off best. Surprisingly, women with olive skin or golden hues have a tougher time finding a red hairstyle that is flattering, but don’t worry, we will look into that later.

Are you confident enough?

Red hairstyles are head-turners, so in order to pull it off and accept the stare you must be self-assured. Sarah Gold, the guru colorist behind Lindsay Lohan’s flame-colored hair says that red hair is just like a sequined dress because it walks into the room before you do. Moreover, actually combining a sequin dress with fiery red prom updo hairstyles will definitely make you the belle of the ball, and perhaps even Prom Queen.

Damaged hair Red hairstyles require hair that is in good condition. Damaged or dry strands will have a hard time retaining small, red color molecules which wash out quickly even on the healthiest hair. In order to give your hair the best chance of becoming radiant red, you must get regular trims, deep-condition weekly and avoid heat-styling every day. Red haircare routine If you want to be the best redhead, make sure you wash your hair as infrequently as possible. Twice a week is ideal, but you can wash it every two days if you have fine or oily hair. On alternate days, try a dry shampoo or rinse your hair with warm water.

You should also avoid harsh shampoos and dandruff treatments that are hard on colored hair and accelerate the fading process. You can ask your colorist for a small vial of your color and apply it two weeks after the saloon visit. If you spend lots of time outdoors, cover up or use a styling product that contains UV filters.

Finding the best color If you want to discover some red hair color ideas for brunettes, you should know that those with dark natural hair have a harder time obtaining the right shade of red. In most cases, brunette hair requires decoration before applying red hair dye. Red hairstyles come in many shades, so it is important to choose one that will emphasizes your features. A medium copper is perfect for warm skin tones as it enhances complexions that have warm undertones with or without freckles. Moreover, it will make green eyes pop.

People with pale skin and pink undertones can choose a bold red. If you have a soft dark olive tone, opt for a vibrant red rebel color that works for both thick and fine hair. A spicy chocolate hue is perfect for those with a medium complexion and thick hair. If you have fine hair, choose a lighter version. If you want to discover more tricks on finding the right hair color for your skin tone or you want to keep in touch with the latest hair coloring trends, visit www.haircolorplans.com. This website is full of insight that can help you achieve the best hair colors.

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