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Accessorize you hair with ribbon this year

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Hairstyle

Because the weather is getting warmer every day, you have the opportunity to try different hairstyle, and people to actually see them. In the winter, you were not able to try sophisticated hairstyles, because you had to wear hats, but now is time to do a little research and see what styles are in trend this year. You should know that the days of wearing ribbon in your hair are back and you should try this classy hair accessory almost once this year. Depending on the occasion, you can choose to wear polka dot ribbon or patterned ribbon. Here are some recommendations on how you should style your hair with ribbon in a trendy way.

Pull it up

In case you are one of the persons who likes to wear her hair pulled up, you have some great options from which to choose, according to your hair’s length. The romantic option would be to style it in a halo braid, which looks quite nice if you twist in a nude ribbon through your hair. This one is a little hard to do it by yourself, and in case you do not have a friend to help you, you can simply arrange your hair up, and use a strand of ribbon around your hair. You can choose one in a powerful colour, like red. In case the ribbon has the tendency to slip, you can glue it to a basic headband and tie it together at the bottom.  Other option is to gather your hair in a ballerina bun and then form a strand of ribbon into a little bow and place it to one of the sides of your bun.

Let it loose

The simplest way to use ribbons when you wear your hair loose on the back, is to style it in a half-up, half-down, and accessorise it with a small ribbon bow. If you want to create a more voluminous version of the half-up, half down style, you can curl your hair and turn the pulled up section into a fishtail. You have the possibility to blend the ribbon in your hair, or only use it to finish the fishtail. For a more complex look, you can place it into the front of your head and style your hair into a Dutch braid. Other great style is to accessorise your classic fishtail into a colourful one by using two or more ribbons in different colours.

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