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8 Key Stain Removal Tips to Live By

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion

It is probably true to say that the topic of stain removal is one of the most perplexing and potentially pressing of all in regards to women’s clothes. Try as you might, it’s just impossible to reach adulthood without falling foul of a hundred and one different stains of all sizes, shapes and severity levels. Knowing precisely how to deal with stains like the experts could make the difference between your favourite piece of clothing serving you faithfully for years or basically being doomed to the “not today” pile forever.

So as far as the pros are concerned, what are the key  stain removal guidelines anyone with an interest in clothes and fashion could do with living by?

1 – Quick Response

First up, the most important tip of all is that of losing no time and acting quickly at the first sign of a stain. When a stain is fresh, it is much easier to get rid off compared to old stains, so no matter what exactly is and what you need to do about it, make sure you do it fast!

2 – Follow the Instructions

Never ever even think about using a stain removal product of any kind without first reading in full the instructions and warnings. You might have used a dozen of similar products in the past, but there are sometimes enormous differences from one type to the next. And if you do something foolish without realising it, you might destroy your garment.

3 – Test in a Hidden Spot

This is essential tip is often overlooked with a frequency that is simply extraordinary…and a bit depressing. It is a case of choosing a spot of your garment that is hidden from view – maybe on the inside – and observing how well your chosen stain removal product works before treating a larger area. If there is a change in the colour of the damaged spot, at least you will not destroy the whole garment.

4 – Treat Inside Out

Another thing almost all people tend to get wrong when it comes to dealing with stain removal is the direction the stain is attacked. After seeing a stain on a piece of clothing, the usual instinctive reaction is to treat it head-on with the products of your choosing. Doing so however could very well result in pushing the stain deeper into the fabric until it goes to the other side. Logically therefore, it will make much more sense to treat the stain from the inside or back of the fabric in question, rather than managing to push it in deeper than it already is.

5 – Be Careful With Bleach

Contrary to what many people believe, it’s in fact amazingly difficult to remove any stain whatsoever using bleach, without destroying to a certain extent the colour of the garment treated. When diluted bleach will have no effect at all, but when used too strongly it will most often than not ruin your clothes.

6 – Don’t Mix Products

Another common mistake to stay away from is that of assuming that if you mix two or more stain removal products together, the effect will be something of a super-stain-removal-product. The truth is however, not only will you be using a concoction that is largely guaranteed to wreak havoc with your clothes, but you can also trigger an unpleasant chemical reaction leading to something quite harmful to the health and wellbeing. It is simple common sense to avoid combining chemicals or solvents of any kind if you are not sure exactly what you’re doing.

7 – Industrial-Level Strength

Similarly, it is pretty easy to get hold of the most amazingly powerful and strong commercial and industrial stain removers, which could indeed be very effective. Nevertheless, if you simply go over the top with these kinds of products not realising exactly what you are doing, you will be looking at potential negative consequences for both your health and your clothes.

8 – Know When to Stop

Last up, there will always be stains that for one reason or another will simply never go away. It is therefore crucial to ask yourself at a certain moment whether risking ruining your clothes is worth it, or whether you might be better off accepting the stain as a minor imperfection. And if you are actually looking at a tiny blemish that will be easily covered up with a badge or a brooch, you have your solution.

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