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5 Most Famous Fashion Photographers

Written by Fiona Queens. Posted in Fashion

Without the help of photographers, the world will be silent and gloomy. Fashion photography is the language of this industry. Because the trends constantly change, each decade brings even more ideas than the previous years. Fashion photography records all the changes and stores them for future generations to recycle or get inspired by them. The work of some famous fashion photographers stands out and greatly influences the design trends. Here are some of the most famous fashion photographers in the world:

1. Annie Leibovitz, USA

Annie Leibovitz is one of the most famous fashion photographers in America. Over 30 years, her powerful portrait photography have placed her above most of her peers. Between 1970 and 1983, she worked as the principal photographer for the Rolling Stone magazine. Annie brought the movement of music photography to a more intimate behind-the-scenes environment. Her recent book, A Photographer’s Life, and exhibition are touring internationally. In January 2007, she appeared in the famous PBS documentary series American Masters.

2. Michael Thompson, USA

Michael Thompson was born in Washington State and introduced to photography at his father’s portrait studio. Today, Thompson is one of the famous fashion photographers and award-winning director of TV commercials. He has directed Tiffany’s Frank Gehry Collection, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker and a PSA for The American Ballet Theatre. Parco gallery displayed his recent exhibition, Michael Thompson: 50 Cuts featuring images from his first 10 years as a photographer.

3. Sølve Sundsbø, Norway

Solve Sundsbo remembers that people used to say to him that they are not sure they could hire him, as they did not know what he was doing. Sundsbo was terrified that we would never make his living as a photographer because of his unique style. Today, he sits among the most famous fashion photographers and his talent is recognized internationally. Sundsbo’s photographs are fresh, powerful and beautiful. He has worked with Dior, Bally, Gucci, Armani, Hermes and Alexander McQueen.

4. Bela Borsodi, Austria

Bela Borsodi is a surreal fashion photographer that brings his clothes and accessories to life through a combination of craft, art and design. He studied graphic design and fine art with a genuine interest in psychology. Later he became more interested in photography and started his career in Austria and Germany.

5. Ruven Afanador, Columbia

Ruven Afanador is the winner of the coveted Trophee de la Mode award for Best Photographer, However, instead of bragging about it, he has been working hard in the dark room on his debut book of photographs, Torero. His photographs are deeply personal and sometimes homoerotic, all in laconic black and white detail. Ruven Afanador’s source of inspiration is his memory of growing up in a small town.

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