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The two A’s of customized shirts: awareness and advertising

Written by admin. Posted in Hairstyle

Surely, you have heard of customized t-shirts. Quite frankly, it is impossible not to, given the high popularity level it currently enjoy. What you might not be aware of is that such fashion items can be used to accomplish certain marketing goals. Here are the two most important uses of printed shirts in the modern […]


Headband styles worth trying out

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Headbands are back into the mainstream and are here to stay. The recent Gossip Girl revolution has enabled the headband to become once more a popular fashion accessory. The teenage girls of today have found new unique ways to wear headbands, not to mention that stars are wearing them on the red carpet in very […]


Three clothing pieces that will help you obtain a neat masculine style

Written by admin. Posted in Hairstyle

In fashion, each season brings something new and women all over the world strive to fill their wardrobe with the most fashionable items. However, not all the garments on the run-ways can be worn and you have to be able to choose the things that highlight your silhouette and match your personality. While some women […]


Crazy cool outfits made from trendy, bespoke ribbons

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Every fashion fan knows just how frustrating it is to dream on and on about the incredible outfits seen every year on major runways across the globe, to think about all those high end creations and to know that they will probably never be affordable enough to buy for the average person. However sad this […]


What a professional beauty salon has to offer

Written by admin. Posted in Fashion, Hairstyle

When it comes to beauty salons, everybody knows that they have become more and more popular lately, not only due to the services they offer, but also to people’s increasing need to disconnect from reality and indulge with some special treatment. Everyone feels the need to take time for themselves once in a while, and […]


How to Make Your Old Dresses Fashionable Again

Written by admin. Posted in Makeup

Every woman has a few dresses around her closet that she does not want to wear anymore, but she cannot throw them away either. Who has not experienced that moment when you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Fortunately, there is a simple solution for this problem, one that any ribbon […]


How to transform a daily dress into a party gown

Written by admin. Posted in Fashion

When you attend an important event and you have to wear required outfit, it is said that you can never fail with a little black dress. It is elegant, it can be easily to match with any type of shoes and jewellery and thus the success is granted. A simple dress can be worn as […]


The evolution of ribbon in terms of hairstyle

Written by admin. Posted in Hairstyle

Fashion is such a complex field, that many people are not able to understand all its aspects and thus consider it a superficial domain. People all around the world are concerned about their looks, but that is not all that fashion is about. Combining pieces of clothing, accessorizing them in an appropriate manner and creating […]


The most impressive celebrity dresses of all times

Written by admin. Posted in Fashion

Everybody loves celebrity. Everyone wants to know what famous people are up to, the events they are going to take part in and the clothes they are going to wear. Indeed, when it comes to fashion most individuals look at celebrity with great attention, some because are looking for things to judge, others to admire […]


How to Do Your Own Undercut Hairstyle

Written by ana. Posted in Makeup

The undercut hairstyle has been going on for some time now, remind us of those 1940s dapper looks. This haircut is great for both men and women, as it is versatile and flattering to almost every face shape. Here is how you do it at home.